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#TrendingStyleHouston is Elisabeth's attempt to encourage other local fashion admirers to express their personal sense of style. Through social media we can connect and inspire fashion innovation.

elisabeth webb

is and will always be a hungry fashionista looking for the next cutting edge trend. Originality and creativity drive Elisabeth to be on the fore fronts of fashion forecasting. Instinctively predicting trends months, sometimes even years before its' time. She is widely know for her ornate high end meets low end design aesthetic.

Elisabeth began feeding her clothing addiction early during her pre-teen years in Houston, Texas by volunteering {working} at local boutiques; Get With It (1998), More Than You Can Imagine (2008), and Abejas (2011). In 2003 Elisabeth's first blog 'Cheap Chic' was born, which ultimately transformed to 'This Card Is Maxed Out'. Before her time, blogging was just the beginning of her fashion exploration...

After college, Elisabeth spent the past 6 years working her way through various settings in the Houston retail scene. Gathering enough market research from each experience, she became a revered local expert. Her motivation is to help others find the excitement in discovering and developing ones own personal sense of style. 

"I was two years old, shopping with my mother at Dillards for yet another pair of toddler navy oxford shoes with white laces, when a pair of sparkly ruby red slippers caught my eye. So I did the only rational thing I could do...throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the shoe department. That's when my love for fashion kicked off, and that's when my mother stopped picking out my shoes."

- Elisabeth Webb