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Elisabeth provides various shopping, styling, interior design, and organizing experiences. Consultation appointments are a required  complimentary part of the process in order to decide which direction is best suited for each individual clientAppointments can be held in your home or virtually!

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  • Cancellations are allowed only up to 24 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Any last minute cancellations or missed appointments will result in a $25 inconvenience fee.

  • All shop purchases are final sale. Returns are strongly discouraged, but will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • All services provided are final sale.

  • Please contact Elisabeth first if you should have any questions or concerns.

Referral bonus: complimentary organizing session of your choice for every referral!

shopping services

personal shopping and styling

First appointment

Utilizing your current wardrobe by re-styling your favorite pieces into new outfits, while creating a virtual catalogue for future reference. After the consultation, together you will compile a list of necessary items to work towards purchasing to further enhance your wardrobe. 

Second Appointment

Begin the shopping process! Elisabeth will scope out the stores and web for the best possible deal on your wishlist. 


shopping excursion

Service limited to 5 store visits. Any additional trips are subjected to a Fee $20

Venturing out together in the stores is great opportunity to learn first hand about the shopping process and how to think like a stylist. Much like shopping with your friend, except she's a professional. Together, you will visit 1-5 stores for your personalized fit session.


Have any items you want to get rid of, but don't have the time? Elisabeth can help evaluate and appropriately dispose of any pieces you are ready to part ways with. Her first attempt will always be to resell the items, whether it's through a local consignment shop or posting to a virtual shop. Upon evaluation, everything else will be donated with your approval.



Room make over

Price varies per room size and quantity

It's time to freshen up your space and create your sanctuary! Elisabeth can help fengshui your room by utilizing what you currently own with minimal additions. Home accessories can go a long way when it comes to creating a comfortable atmosphere.

home staging

Coming Soon!


Home overhaul

Ready to switch it up, tired of your old aesthetic? This is a full commitment service where Elisabeth will give your entire home a face lift. You don't need to move, simply changing the color tones, textiles, and accessories of a space can give it a whole new look. Elisabeth is always mindful of utilizing your own personal items, before making any additional purchases, and always recycles!

shopping List

If you hate looking through the vast amount of options there are on the internet, but are desperately need something SPECIFIC? Leave the heavy work to Elisabeth and she will whip up a detailed shopping list of items from your desired  brands. Along with a list of affordable "dupe" items to budget.



closet organizing

First step to closet organizing is evaluating the current state during consultation. The second appointment is to purge any items that are no longer wanted and decide where they will be going. The final step is left for Elisabeth to organize and clean your closet space. Any additional organizational tools/supplies will be determined during consultation and recorded on the weekly bill.

Home organizing

First step to organizing is evaluating the current state of your space. Then purge any items that are no longer wanted and decide resell or donate. Lastly, Elisabeth will start the organizing process and provide a list of any additional organizational tools/supplies.

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